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The Lord has a great plan for the future of His Church in the midst of a dark world that seems to be headed in the wrong direction.  I clearly heard the Lord say "My Intercessors will will go before them".  This next great move will be marked by God's people moving outside the walls of the brick and mortar churches and beginning to walk in unity.  We will no longer contain ourselves within the confines of where we are allowed to separate ourselves.  We are moving to the streets and from house to house. The INTERCESSORS will lead the way in this next great wineskin move. Through your declarations, proclamations, and prophetic actions, you will clear the path for this next apostolic move of God.  You will go before those who will be building networks of house churches across this nation.

join together

There are thousands of prayer groups and tens of thousands of individual prayer warriors in the DFW area.  I can't imagine the number of intercessors across the United States.  So, we are not attempting to start a group that will pull anyone away from what they are already doing.  We simply want to unify and connect these intercessors in a concerted effort to blanket our cities and neighborhoods with prayer in order to see this next great move of God.  The Lord clearly said to me, "The INTERCESSORS will go before them".  Are you an intercessor that can dedicate a portion of their time for a specific purpose?  More importantly, are you being led by the Lord to do something more?  Then we could use your help!

You may have heard the term "As goes Dallas, so goes goes Texas, so goes the nation".  I believe that DFW will lead the way in this next move of His Spirit. Many Believers are sensing that God is about to move in signs, wonders, and miracles, and work through His people, like He did in the book of Acts. Is this something you have also felt, heard, or know in your spirit?  Our King of Kings is awakening His People!!


Would you want to be a part of events like this.....

Trumpets Arise was the first event we were led to coordinate and we believe it had national  impact. Nearly 1500 Trumpets Arise events were coordinated around the nation on 9/18/2020, during the Hebrew Feast of Trumpets.  Nearly 300 of us met at the Dallas City Hall Courtyard to sound the shofar and pray. None of us knew it at the time, but this would mark a day where God made it clear that legalized abortion would end.  On the very grounds where the Roe V Wade case legalized abortion, we came together in unity to sound the shofar and pray. During the actual event, it was announced that Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Supreme Court Justice and a famous ICON of women's right to abortion, passed away. The day after her passing THIS article was written.


In the wake of this first event held on the Feast of Trumpets, we felt led to go to Plymouth and sound the shofar and gather intercessors for the 400th anniversary of Christianity reaching the shores of our nation.  The Mayflower Compact, our first governmental document, was signed on 11/11/1620 and we signed a new covenant for our nation on that day. We believed for the stronghold of religion to be brought down and for the Body to awaken!  Just as Roe V Wade was overturned, we believe this monumental awakening will happen.

This event had no planning, it had no agenda, it didn't have permission to take place by anyone. Yet, Believers from around the nation made their way there to come together in Jesus name and proclaim Jesus as King!  In one of the most liberal areas in the nation, during one of the strictest mandates about gathering in history, approximately 300 gathered together with no interference or contention. We were under the shadow of His wings!


Here in the DFW area, we are bringing together and organizing prayer warriors on every level. We will be searching for and equipping leaders and warriors across DFW.

Regional Prayer Coordinators

County Prayer Coordinators

City Prayer Coordinators

Zip Code Prayer Coordinators

Community Prayer Coordinators

Prayer Team Members

We will be holding prayer meetings at every level and doing coordinated worship events in public arenas. We will be establishing house churches in every neighborhood and asking our intercessors to go before us in prayer for every neighborhood in DFW.

We would love to meet you!

Thanks for submitting!

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