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Patti Finney Compton - Intercessor Coordinator

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John Stewart Hill - Architect

Blessings in the name of King Jesus!  I would like to first say that I would have loved to just stay incognito, but I found quickly that people look at this as not being "transparent".  So I will share a little about me.  Many in the DFW area may know me as The Good Contractors List guy heard on radio and TV.  The Good Contractors List was the first endeavor the Lord built through me.  I have to say it that way because I had no experience as a business man or even a manager at any other place I ever worked.  I had no money, no education, no investors, and had just survived a massive heart attack that left my heart at 25% function and a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. So I neither had the intelligence, prior knowledge, or physical ability to build a company from scratch.  I just followed His direction every day. It has succeeded because of Him and for several years, I have not had to participate in the day to day operations and was freed to continue Kingdom building. In 2019, He gave me a vision of what He wanted to build through me next. 


My part in this is small, much like an architect is to building a house.  My job is to design multiple structures, pay for the building of the structures, and spread the word through the resources He has provided. The example I have provided here is a radio ad that I had made for a local radio station.  It was the first website He had me build called FIND A HOUSE CHURCH. I had also built THIS website and the non-profit that we could eventually use to fund growth and do outreach called CENTRAL STOREHOUSE.  We did a short test run in 2020, then the Lord told me to stop and rest. On 5/5/23, we will begin the next steps. 


The Lord gave me a strong impression that "The Intercessors will go before them", which I believe means that YOU are the hands on builders that will lay the foundations for house churches to begin growing here in DFW and beyond.  This won't happen unless everyone unites and plays their part under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  I can only share the blueprint the Lord gave me.  I am not your leader and would love to be so "transparent" that all you see and hear is Jesus.

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