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Example coordination

We are in a spiritual battle. 

Prayer Strategy is Key!


We believe the vision the Lord has for the nation is to see the Kingdom of God expanding in every city and neighborhood. He is moving ALL of us who have ears to hear, out of our comfort zones and into the public arena. Traditional churches will grow tremendously as they EQUIP their members to do the work of ministry in their homes and become evangelical through their people.  Everyone has a place in this next move of God!  This is not going to be a spectator sport!  



Every area has their own specific spiritual strongholds, principalities and powers, that influence the government and the actions of leaders and residents of these areas.  I heard in my spirit "The Intercessors will Go Before Them" (Kingdom Leaders and Forerunners) or lead the way in this next New Wineskin transition. With intercessors coming together in every city and every neighborhood, interceding, proclaiming the Kingdom, and UNITING in spiritual warfare, we will see the Kingdom advanced in those cities and neighborhoods and multiply quickly.


For example, in Collin County there are 19 cities, 31 zip codes, and over 500 neighborhoods or subdivisions.  We want to build teams of intercessors at every level to work together to see churches grow house to house and through public demonstration (Acts 20:20).  We could have a whole team of Intercessors over each County, Leadership teams for every city and zip code, and representatives in every neighborhood or subdivision praying specifically for the advancement of the Gospel and the evangelizing of these neighborhoods.  Purposefully saturating every area with Kingdom-focused prayer will have dramatic Kingdom impact.

Some of the things coordinators might do:

Bring together intercessor groups and individual prayer warriors desiring to work with other intercessors in their area and get everyone on the same page

Meet with prayer group leaders in their area to strategize (how many people needed, how to divide up territories, etc.)

Collect information from the various groups in your area to create a detailed prayer strategy for each neighborhood

What kind of information are we gathering?


Much like a military operation, nobody just goes in blind when doing special operations.  First they collect information on where the enemy is, how fortified is their location, what are we coming up against, etc. and they bring it back to the war room to make strategic decisions.  We are wanting intercessors to physically go into their areas, gather intelligence about the area and bring it back so that we can all work together to create a strategic prayer focus for every area.  The Holy Spirit may reveal a specific dominating enemy spirit over an area, He may lead you to do research on the history of a specific area to see a consistent dominion, and this is the type of information we would like to collect from all of you.  Eventually we would have a "Prayer Map" that could be shared with every intercessor in the area. These little maps will become an ATLAS!  Imagine an army of prayer warriors praying specific offensive prayers to drive the enemy out of areas, versus general or defensive prayers to hold the enemy back.  There are probably many that read this that may already have that information, but are praying alone or in small groups.  What if you had an army supporting you?!  Again, I believe this will open the door to an outpouring of God's Spirit through these neighborhoods where house churches, houses of prayer, and outdoor worship events will begin to spread God's Spirit through the community and His Glory will be seen outside the buildings.

Intercessor Connection is simply trying to locate and connect the intercessors who are feeling led to operate at this level over DFW. We want to find and support YOU and the ministry God has called you to accomplish!


This website is a simple site to see who in DFW is interested, but it will become a website where every prayer group can be found by "area" and be able to connect for many types of prayer endeavors and share gathering events.


If this is something you are sensing the Holy Spirit is leading you to do, then please let us know at what level you would like to participate and we will meet with you.

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