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Example coordination

We are in a spiritual battle. 

Prayer Strategy is Key!

I believe the vision the Lord has for the nation is to see house church planting and public Kingdom events happening in every city. He is moving ALL of us who have ears to hear, out of our comfort zones and into the public arena. Every area has their own specific spiritual strongholds, principalities and powers, that influence the government and the actions of leaders and residents of these areas.  I heard in my spirit "The Intercessors will Go Before Us" or lead the way in this next New Wineskin transition. With intercessors coming together in every city and every neighborhood, interceding, proclaiming the Kingdom, and doing next level spiritual warfare, we will be able to advance the Kingdom in those cities and neighborhoods and multiply quickly.


For example, in Collin County there are 19 cities, 31 zip codes, and over 500 neighborhoods or subdivisions.  We want to build teams of intercessors at every level to work together to see these house churches and public events begin to come into fruition.  We could have a whole team of Intercessors over each County, Leadership teams for every city and zip code, and representatives in every neighborhood or subdivision praying specifically for the advancement of the Gospel and the evangelizing of these neighborhoods.  Purposefully saturating every area with Kingdom-focused prayer will have dramatic Kingdom impact.

Some of the things coordinators might do:

Pray and ask the Lord to show you the stronghold over your area.

Study the history of the city and determine a prayer strategy

Coordinate prayer gatherings that will physically go into territories and pray over the governmental structures and for the loosing and destruction of enemy strongholds.

Intercessor Connection is simply trying to locate and connect the intercessors who are feeling led to operate at this level over DFW. We want to find and support YOU and the ministry God has called you to accomplish!  If this is something you are sensing the Holy Spirit is leading you to do, then please let us know at what level you would like to participate and we will meet with you.

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