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Sound The Shofar Over Texas

In August of 2020 we formed a group called Trumpets Arise and we sounded the shofar at the Dallas City Hall Plaza on the Feast of Trumpets.  In less than a month, we had coordinated with over 1500 individuals and groups around the nation to host a Trumpets Arise event in their towns.  Watch this short video to see the prophetic significance.


We recently gathered at the Mayflower memorial in Plymouth, Massachusetts to pray and sound the shofar on the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower Compact on 11/11/2020.  It was our first governmental document that clearly presented the dedication of this country to God and the advancement of the Christian faith.  We sounded the shofar and in unity proclaimed "No King but Jesus!"  In one of the most liberal areas, during one the tightest of gathering regulations, over 300 people gathered to pray, with absolutely no opposition.  That is God's favor!  We all signed a new covenant rededicating the nation to Jesus.

Now we are being led to dedicate our State government to Jesus and we are asking anyone who wants to gather with us to join us in praying and sounding the shofar over the capital in Austin Texas.  The State of Texas became official on paper on 12/29/1845, but did not transfer governmental control until 2/19/1846.  This year marks the 175th anniversary of  the transfer of governmental control.  Let's proclaim a new transfer of governmental control, led by the Ecclesia...the Body of Jesus...and transfer authority to the Kingdom of Heaven!

Date:  Friday, February 19, 2021

Time:  2PM - 3PM (unless we stay longer)

This is not a planned event with an agenda.  It is simply two or more gathering together in Jesus name, to pray a prayer of dedication and to sound the shofar to proclaim Jesus as King of Texas!  

If you can make it out to join us, we would love to meet you and pray with you!


We will be meeting just to the left of the South Gate - West entrance. 

Please fill out the short form below to let us know if you plan on being there.  Just need to get an idea of who may be going.

I'm in!  Let's Join Together!

Thanks for submitting!

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