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traditional churches

You may have noticed that we are talking a lot about building house churches and operating outside the brick and mortar establishments.  While this is true, and we want to see a return of the relational culture we read about in the book of Acts, this is also designed to grow traditional churches by leaps and bounds.

Many people, for whatever reason, are not going to traditional churches, but are looking for genuine relationships with other Christians.  For the traditional church that recognizes the times and seasons, you are already feeling that something has changed and it is more and more difficult to bring new people in your doors.  It is also becoming less attractive to young people who are seeking something more than attendance.  This is your opportunity to equip the saints for the work of ministry!

Many churches have life groups or cell groups to help those attending to form relationships.  This is great and it helps in keeping them in your church.  However, they are worth so much more than that!  These small house gatherings are additional "campuses" of your church.  Once we start advertising

You can have your home groups list their gathering on the website and the ads could potentially bring new people to their homes.  Once they build relationships with people, then they will possibly come to visit where their friends attend.  The more people you equip to reach their communities through their life groups, the more people you can bring in on Sunday without spending more money on marketing your church.

If you get involved with us as we help you turn MEMBERS TO MINISTERS, we believe you will be refreshed and see that your influence can far outreach your attendance.

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