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Pray From home

Not everyone has the luxury of time or physical strength to do prayer walking or coordinating, but that does not mean you can't participate.  Many of you that are not able to get around or have other issues that doesn't permit you to gather can still be used by God for great things!  Prayer is one of the most powerful things we can do on earth to make lasting change.  We will be providing everyone with prayer maps from all around the DFW area that will have specific prayer focuses, even down to the neighborhoods.  While you may not be able to gather with those walking your neighborhood, you can still get the "intel" gathered by the Prayer Walkers and join them in prayers of agreement from your home!

If you would like to open up your home as a potential prayer gathering resource, please let us know and we can share that with the coordinators in your area.  Also if you need prayer for something specific and would like us to meet with you, we will pass this information to our intercessors in your area and they can coordinate a home visit.  We are simply connecting the body of Christ to one another and coming together as One United Voice to see the Kingdom of Heaven represented on earth.

If you have Facebook or other forms of social media, you can be a social media warrior!.  You can let people know about Intercessor Connection and what we are doing here in DFW, as well as share the website for


This website will be launching sometime this year and will give everyone the opportunity to create a small group gathering in their home, list a group already gathering, and be a resource for people seeking fellowship outside of a traditional church.  Your prayers and help spreading the word will change someone's life for eternity!  Let us know how you want to be involved!

Praying Hands

Pray From Home

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