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neighborhood prayer walkers

If you are interested in participating as a Neighborhood Prayer Walker, you will be coordinating with your Neighborhood Coordinators to pass along anything the Holy Spirit shows you about your neighborhood.  You will be collecting "intelligence" on what types of enemy strongholds are present, what is the principality, powers, wickedness in high places over your particular neighborhood.  There should be several intercessors on your team with a goal of following the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide you and others in intercession for your neighborhood.  You will work with your Neighborhood Coordinators to find team members and unite as a special operations group.  Together you can best determine how to pull together your neighborhood information and send it to the Neighborhood Coordinators so they can form a Neighborhood Prayer Map.


You guys are the real warriors that come together and do the warfare once you have collected the intelligence. As you pass up the information, other prayer warriors will join in from their homes and prayer groups as we share the prayer map of your neighborhood with the entire Intercessor Connection Family.


You will then decide with your neighborhood team how often you want to prayer walk together.  Remember, the ultimate purpose for our offensive against the works of the enemy in our neighborhoods is to create Kingdom Culture through house churches, houses of prayer, and public events.  This will build true Christian Culture as we set aside denominational differences and just love each other and gather together in Jesus name with no ulterior motives other than to be united as a Body that produces Kingdom Fruit!

Once we begin advertising FIND A HOUSE CHURCH then we will supply you with signage that you can put in places around or near your neighborhood.  Obviously, follow rules for signage.  This will encourage anyone that already has a house church, wants to start a house church, or that is looking for fellowship to go to the free website to list their gathering or find a nearby gathering.  Can you imagine what it would be like if you played a part in connecting all the Christians in your neighborhood through your prayers and physical efforts?

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Neighborhood Prayer Walker

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